Conveniently located just down the block from my apartment building in Minneapolis, Gorkha Palace has served Nepali, Indian and Tibetan cuisine for the past decade. Striking oil paintings from Nepal depicting mountains and figures crossing bridges over cliffs decorate the orange and red wall…

“Koreans love their processed meats,” quips John Gleason as he ladles kimchi jjigae from a large pot, its simmering broth a rich fire-red courtesy of the gochugaru and gochujang chili paste combo. Cubes of Spam, that canned meat with a salted pork flavor, are a main ingredient, and Gleason d…

Inside the soon-to-be Petite León, Jorge Guzman was thinking through the menu and all the trials, tribulations and inspirations that brought him to the little space at the corner of 38th and Nicollet Avenue. There's a lot to think about: his unique Yucatán heritage, his French training, his …

Who knew you could start a business with your camping gear’s propane burner, a really good crepe recipe and a dream.

Gerard Klass, co-founder of Soul Bowl, is arguably sitting on more big ideas than any other chef in town, and this pan-cession won’t get in his way even if the worst comes to pass. Entertaining an apocalyptic scenario for his budding, multi-concept restaurant group, Klass said he and his wif…

Mary Richter was looking for ideas for the fall/winter menu at Sidebar, the new restaurant at Surdyk’s Liquor & Cheese Shop, when a friend sent her a message on Facebook saying how much they missed her lobster pasta. “It was something I had (on the menu) in my restaurant in D.C.,” she sa…

It was a sad day when Fig + Farro closed its doors in Seven Points (formerly Calhoun Square) in Minneapolis’ Uptown, not only for the owner, Michelle Courtright, and her staff, but for the ideal of combining good food with doing good for the environment.

Before Amalia Moreno-Damgaard turned seven, she was proficient at repackaging bulk bags of salt and sugar into individual packages and sealing them with wax from a candle, to be sold in her maternal grandmother’s variety store in Guatemala.

“It was truly an opportunity to finally open my own restaurant,” he said about Caribbean Smokehouse in Stillwater. “People ask why I didn't do it 10 years ago. I wasn't ready.”

Standing off to the side while Café and Bar Lurcat Executive Chef Jordan Swiler prepares to plate the Braised Lamb is a quick finale since the magic of braising the meat has already been done.

Instead of cringe-worthy clichés like lutefisk, cream-based casseroles or Jell-O-whatever-the-hell, The Bachelor Farmer's new chef wants to know what's good and edible from our own forests, fields and shorelines.

The veggie burrito at Book Club seems almost too simple, but so is the “West Coast” style that encompasses the menu.

    Kristin Tyborski is that coveted MVP who can play all the positions, moving gracefully from front of the house to the kitchen and back again without grandstanding.

    Patrick Donelan grew up in a family where everyone cooked, and everyone hunted. “We did everything by hand,” canning the majority of their food, he says, especially sauerkraut.

    The Octopus appetizer at Vann in Spring Park, already the subject of several early reviews of the restaurant, is here to stay. “It was never intended to be on the menu this long,” points out Erik Skaar, the executive chef and owner of the four-month-old, fine-dining establishment on Lake Minnetonka.

    Casablanca's moment of silence started as a way for Chef Youness Bojji to catch his breath. There were 42 people in his original restaurant's tiny dining room and he was the only one in the kitchen.

    Fourteen years ago, a 26-year-old Ben Pratt was fresh off a cooking stint at the fancy Cosmos restaurant in downtown Minneapolis, and ready for his opening night as chef/owner at Ingredients Cafe in White Bear Lake.

    Thirty-five minutes northwest of Minneapolis along I-94, Minnesota's food culture comes into focus as corporate campuses and strip centers give way to the fields of farm country.

    Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening since May 2001 Robert Tewes is on a different stage as chef and owner of Crescendo, his white-tablecloth restaurant in downtown Albert Lea.

    With the farm-to-table mantra still a common refrain and the often-whimsical names of those farms populating many restaurant menus, Scott Graden takes a different tack, one in which he eschews what he sees as marketing tools in favor of simply doing what makes sense for his business.

    Congratulations to Foodservice News' 2017 Top Chefs.

    Modern Farmhouse Cuisine and Civility

    “I've never experienced anything like it,” Gavin Kaysen says about the opening last year. When reservation lines opened, they sold out two months' worth of seats immediately.

    At 19, Angel Luna and two friends came to the U.S. illegally. Luna, who grew up in Veracruz, Mexico, wanted to find steady work in order to send money back to his parents and sisters.

    When Diane Yang heard that famed New York City Chef Gavin Kaysen was returning to his hometown to start a restaurant, she didn't believe it.

    In his role as chef de cuisine at La Belle Vie, Mike DeCamp has been a driving force in the Minneapolis food scene for nearly a decade.

    Since Saint Dinette's opening in June, its 27-year-old chef de cuisine Adam Eaton is having fun building a menu around what he labels “elevated fat-kid food.”

    Joe Rolle, who's been leading the kitchen at Il Foro since its June opening, spent the previous two years at critically acclaimed North Loop restaurant Borough.