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Every profession has its share of odd requests. As a journalist I get press releases that illicit a response that ranges from “YES, Yes, yes” to “OK, that's useful” to “really?“

When Russell Klein laps the dining room of his iconic St. Paul French brasserie and oyster bar, Meritage, to check on his guests, it's inevitable that someone will stop him to gush, “This is my favorite restaurant,” to which he often replies dryly, “Sometimes it's mine, too.”

Well, this may be small potatoes in the big scheme of adolescent life, but for students at Eastern Carver County Schools, personalizing their food is just another way the district is “personalizing learnings.”

Reed Allen Evavold is part of the four-chef dance at Tenant, a great new dining experience in the old Piccolo location.

A key decision in a case involving tip pooling returns to Hennepin County District Court this fall, after a judge ruled in favor in July of a former employee who filed a lawsuit against Surly Brewing Company.