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Turner Randall

Adam’s Soul To Go, Roseville

“I don’t know,” he laughed. “...More consistency, more help, staff, all that kind of stuff. The [labor shortage] made it difficult for everybody.”

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Bryan Hinton

O Bāchan Noodles + Chicken, Roseville

“Being alive, I guess. This is our last week here [at Rosedale Center’s Potluck food hall, as of October 25]. We’re opening a new location in St. Paul; most likely it’ll probably be Downtown. We’re not sure right now but probably December or January we’ll be up and running with that.”

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Lauren Le

Que Viet Village House, Minneapolis

“I think just normalcy. I mean, honestly, I think the restaurant industry was hit so hard with COVID, more than everybody else kind of thought. For us, it was like every little thing was like a huge step for us and now trying to get back into it is a huge step…We’re hoping everyone else gives us a little more time and I don’t know, compassion?”