'In wine there's truth'—in red wine there are choices

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Today (August 28) is National Red Wine Day. Not a holiday on par with Thanksgiving, but better than tomorrow’s special day, which is National Lemon Juice Day (add some sugar and you have a beverage we are all trying to make out of the lemons life has given us lately).

National Today, a website with a mission to give helpful hints and deals surrounding special holidays, conducted a national survey on the popularity of red wine versus other wines. We have the results below, but when we saw the list of favorite wine brands, we immediately went to some of our favorite local foodies to see what red they’re drinking.

Here’s what the national survey found:

  • 80% of American adults say they enjoy wine;
  • 12% of Americans have finished a whole bottle of red wine themselves;
  • 12% of Americans like to pair wine with their meal.

Red wine is the winner at 20% of those surveyed liking it best, but the other four  most popular types of wine are:

  • White (18%)
  • Sparkling (13%)
  • Rose (11%)
  • Dessert (11%)

Favorite wine brands:

  • Sutter House (24%)
  • Yellow Tail (21%)
  • Gallo (15%)
  • Beringer and Blossom Hill, each at (9%)

Here’s what our local oenophiles had to say:

My favorite? Without a doubt, none of the above.  Any true red wine drinker would not name any of those, they are way too mass produced. Keeping parameters of what can "mostly" be found on wine lists:

From CA:  Daou, Justin, Ridge, Alexander Valley   

From FR:  Guigal and M. Chapoutier  

From AU:  Molly Dooker

—Tanya Spaulding, principal for Shea design


Yellowtail? Unreal. I’m a sucker for any Rhone Valley blend.

—Nathan Sartain, Culinary Arts Instructor, Saint Paul College


I love Ridge Zinfandel from Sonoma County — the best made reds in America as far as I’m concerned!

—Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV morning news anchor and food editor/critic for Minnesota Monthly


I’m really just a "table wine" kind of guy…..partial to Pinot Noirs. Joseph Drouhin, as well as others, have some nice offerings under $ 20…..and in the fall their Beaujolais’ are quite good…..and not expensive…..12 bucks or so. And even though Pinot Noirs are generally thought to favor the cool climate of Oregon’s Willamette Valley……. if I were to splurge, I would instead choose a Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir from the Spell Estate….hopefully one from 2014, if I could find it. BTW….Spell is Minnesota owned.

 I am definitely not a First Growth Bordeaux buyer at auction.

—Phil Roberts, co-owner of Parasole and author of the WTF restaurant blog


I love red wine  and none of those are in my top five. Some of  my favorites: pinot noir, Meiomi; cabernet sauvignon, Joel Gott; malbec, Amalaya    

—Sue Zelickson, cofounder of the Charlies, food reporter and foodie philanthropist


Chateau Yvonne, Cabernet Franc, from Saumur-Champigny, France

Scarlett Carrasco, wine director for Eastside Eat + Drink/Grand Café


J's Pinot Noir 

—Rose McGee, founder of the Sweet Potato Pie ministry


All of the Knudsen Vineyards Pinots are great!

—Adam Southam, founder of My Formulary, a healthy food website


Thanks for asking, but you probably never heard of my favorite little vineyard in Napa called Elkhorn Peak. The family has lived and worked the land for decades and their Pinot Noir is hands down my all-time favorite.

—Cynthia Gerdes, CEO/founder/employee owner of Hell’s Kitchen


I am not a red wine drinker, but my family likes Josh. 

Molly Steinke, media relations director for Nemer Fieger

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