2017 Top Chefs

Congratulations to Foodservice News' 2017 Top Chefs. This year-end supplement is our staff's favorite project, and we never have to twist any arms to recruit busy writers from our other publications to craft these insightful stories about what makes a chef a standout in the ever-increasingly competitive Twin Cities food scene. And it has very little to do with the fact that when we collect the chef's recipe and take a picture of the finished dish, we sometimes are given a taste of what we're writing about.

This year's theme is a bit ironic. The chefs work in the back of the house, and yet they are often the face of the business, while the front-of-the-house managers can be the unsung heroes of the business. Managers and the people they train are the first impression diners get of the people behind the brand, and all the amuse-bouches and complimentary desserts in the world won't erase the memory of a crabby hostess or an incorrect dinner order. No one likes to send food back to the kitchen (and no one in the kitchen likes to receive it).

The five duos we've profiled here are known for their outstanding cuisine, as well as outstanding service. They tend to be among the newer restaurants to the Twin Cities, but the chefs, owners and GMs have plied their trades at other venerable restaurants before striking out on their own. We like the fact that your first glimpse of the  top chef is on the cover, and then the back-of-the-house reunites with the front-of-the-house in the landscape picture gracing the start of each team's story. 

And as always, it was difficult to whittle down the list of top-of-their-game chefs to just the ones celebrated in these pages. But we feel like we've done the metro proud with our carefully curated list. 

Thanks also to our sponsors for supporting the chefs and us in this award-winning product. Enjoy!

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