Nate Bollig


T-Rex Cookie Kitchen, Ridgedale Mall

My girlfriend has family in town, so we're doing a small thing—socially distanced—with her mom, brother and his fiance. You can only worry so much. There’s lots to worry about in the world, but there was lots to worry about before (Covid), too.


Cameron Gustin

Caribou Coffee

In the Quarry, Minneapolis

I’m going to Florida to my grandmother’s and to see my cousins. I’ve lived in Minnesota or Wisconsin my whole life, but I’ve never not had Christmas in Florida. We usually stay with my grandparents, but we’re getting a hotel this time just to be safe.


Dane Lund


Surdyk’s Cheese Shop, Minneapolis

I’m not doing a thing. Is that what you wanted me to say? I already live with my parents right now (so I’ll still have a holiday celebration).

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