Chef Justin Sutherland has a new line of signature spices and rubs, which are also packaged in commercial sizes for restaurant use. Among the offerings are Bourbon & Smoke Wing Seasoning, Tennessee Hot, rubs for ribs and brisket and a Fried Chicken Dredge. Other products on his website are Sutherland’s Signature Single Malt Whiskey in conjunction with Tattersall and two styles of aprons from BA Craftmade Aprons. 100 percent of the profits from his apron collection goes to Inner City Ducks, a nonprofit sports and leadership program for boys ages 5 through 14.


TapVision is a business intelligence tool for self-pour operators. The custom-built platform offers an array of operational, product preference and consumer demographic data that can be organized as needed to create helpful graphics and reports. Get tapped into consumer trends and buying patterns to make informed, data-backed decisions about pricing, product selection, scheduling and special promotions. With a wide range of pre-set reporting options, you can quickly and easily access powerful insights and data points, export helpful details and get right back to business. FMI: https://www.ipouritinc.com/tapvision/


Simply Food, a Los Angeles company with Vietnamese roots, now is offering its line of artisan noodles, which use ST24, a strain of rice from Vietnam that last year won the annual World’s Best Rice award. Artisan noodles run the gamut from fat noodles often used in pho to rice vermicelli and rice paper. Simply Food noodles are simultaneously supple and elastic, never gummy or brittle. While most people understand the difference between artisan Italian pastas and pedestrian renditions of fettuccine and farfalle, far fewer realize that differences between rice noodles can be just as stark. FMI: www.simplyfood.com


Cham Foods has launched a line of dry, ready-to-eat pulses and grains for instant meals and soups. The new line maintains the full flavor and texture of grains and legumes. Cham combines traditional methods with sophisticated technologies to overcome challenges in crafting freeze-dried prepared ingredients in order to preserve their nutritional value. It also maintains the same textures and flavors of freshly made whole grains and legumes. Simply add hot water and they’re ready for consumption in minutes. They enjoy a long shelf life at ambient temperatures. The end product is about 30 percent of its original weight, and retains the original color, shape, flavor, and nutritional value far better than with any other drying method. FMI: http://www.cham.co.il/


The folks behind Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha are flattered when folks tell them that their kombucha is different, because they created a safer, more delicious, more healthful kombucha. They consider themselves more of a functional plant medicine company than a kombucha company: One that’s on a mission to bring as many functional plants to as many people as possible. Using only the fruits, roots, mushrooms and botanicals that nature created. Flavors include, Watermelon Bloom, Lion’s Root, Living Ginger and Alpine Lavender. FMI: rowdymermaid.com


BENEO, a manufacturer of functional ingredients, has launched its new precooked native rice starch, Remypure S52 P, which allows food manufacturers to produce clean label food preparations, such as cold processed sauces, dressings, dairy desserts and bakery fillings with an instant functional native rice starch. The new ingredient delivers soft and creamy textures and excellent product stability. Applications such as food dressings, sauces and dips or bakery fillings traditionally have to withstand acidity and/or high shear during preparation, which can be challenging. The functional native texturizer Remypure S52 P provides manufacturers with the solution to this problem. This precooked starch performs just as well as modified starches in cold processing conditions that involve low pH and/or high shear, whilst being clean label at the same time. FMI: www.beneo.com

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