Fischer Family Farms is offering holiday season gift baskets.  Choose from a variety of pre-made boxes or build your own. Gifts include bacon, smoked chops, ham, etc…  all of Fischer Family Farms’ great pork products are available. 

Contact-free delivery is available as well. For more information, check out their website at or call 866-524-7623.

Sysco Corporation announced in mid-November that it will eliminate minimum delivery size requirements for customers’ regularly scheduled delivery days as part of the company’s Restaurants Rising campaign. This change was effective on November 16 for all U.S. Broadline, FreshPoint, Buckhead Meat and Newport Meat customers.

The change, while applicable to both large and small customers, is especially helpful to independent restaurant operators planning for potential changes in demand and Covid-19 restrictions during the winter months ahead.

“Eliminating minimum delivery requirements is our latest offering to show our customers that Sysco is on a mission to make it easier to do business with us,” said Kevin Hourican, Sysco’s president and chief executive officer. “Combined with our value-added services and world-class sales team, we are helping restaurants—especially smaller, independent businesses—stay in business, better run their business and evolve their business to drive increased traffic, now and in a post-pandemic world.”

In addition to the elimination of order minimums, Sysco’s value-added services and strategic partnership discounts are available for current and new customers, including:

Free Restaurant Marketing Tools: Restaurants need to promote their business more than ever. Sysco's team can produce marketing solutions, such as banners and posters that can be printed locally.

Discounts on solutions and services customers need right now: Sysco’s partners offer special discounts for important services restaurant operators need, such as delivery, mobile ordering and menu services.

Free Sysco Foodie Solutions: Sysco has the expertise to help operators resolve business issues and generate new revenue streams. Its Foodie Solutions Toolkits offer a curated collection of the best industry practices, easy-to-use templates and exclusive, chef-tested products.

Easy Credit Card Payment: This option provides convenience for both existing and new customers.

Fast Onboarding for new customers: New customers can onboard in less than 24 hours and begin to benefit from the powerful suite of services, tools and solutions Sysco offers.


The team that brought you Craftmade aprons, Kate Meier and Trent Taher, are debuting their new durable knife rolls, called The Main Squeeze, currently an 8 slot knife roll, but more models are in the works.

Features include:

100% cotton 

100% cotton, with Tex-wax water-repellent canvas outer 

50-50 Kevlar/ Nomex interior with Kevlar blade guard dividers

Magnetic knife closures (plus magnets are enclosed in plastic to avoid corroding)

The price is $135 plus shipping.

FMI: @

When you purchase Project Black & Blue merchandise, you are directly supporting the service industry. Donations have direct impacts for industry workers dealing with mental, physical, and/or financial stress.

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