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Following discussions with PETA, Panera Bread announced the end of its vegan milk upcharge. The franchise had planned to charge customers more to use plant-based products than the dairy version. Panera is the third brand under the JAB Holding Company to end the surcharge on nondairy milk, following Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Pret A Manger.

Each person who goes vegan saves the lives of nearly 200 cows and other animals every year—plus they significantly reduce their own carbon footprint, as the dairy and meat industries are major producers of the greenhouse gases, according to PETA.

Source: Press release from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

In 1930, White Castle, a hamburger chain that had been serving 5-cent hamburgers since 1921, commissioned a study at the University of Minnesota  that  required a medical student to consume only White Castle hamburgers and  water for 13 weeks. The subsequent ad campaign stated that during the last few weeks of the study, the student was eating 20 to 25 hamburgers a day and "maintained good health." (It should be noted White Castle burgers or sliders are smaller than today’s "Whoppers.")

Source: The Restaurant Finance Monitor


Based on the popular Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)  subscription model, Birchwood Café offered a Community Supported Restaurants (CSR) promotion in its restaurant from February 21 through the end of March. The CSA pre-pay model helps local farmers offset lower revenues in colder months. Included in the Birchwood’s CSR option are restaurant gift cards savings (invest $250 and receive a subscription card worth $300) and a soup subscription for $125, entitling recipients to take home a quart of homemade soup plus a loaf of bread eight times a year. 

Source: Press Release


A Fillmore tradition, now branching out to the North Loop entertainment venue, offers free apples. It was started by San Francisco promoter Bill Graham, founder of the Fillmore for whom the BG’s Lounge is named. It was never clear why—perhaps to tempt the stoned hippies who listened to music there? On a side dish, the hand-cut French fries—with a choice of three different seasonings—prepared in the Fillmore’s Trax restaurant and served in the VIP area are "scrumptiously first-rate," according to the Star Tribune.


"Our frozen treats are called ‘JonnyPops’ after Erik’s (Brust) cousin and original co- conspirator, Jonathan. His passing, the result of a tragic drug overdose, filled the family with grief—but also fueled a desire to spark change. In honor of our namesake, each JonnyPops stick is printed with a good deed because we believe sharing kindness, through actions big and small, helps us achieve our mission of making the world a better place, one pop at a time."

Source: Connor Wray, co-founder of JonnyPops, at the Sysco show


Penny’s coffeehouse in Wayzeta hosts a "student social" weekday afternoons where student can come hang out and study from 2 p.m. to closing time. 

"We won’t complete your homework for you, but we will provide a 20 percent discount on all specialty drinks, crepes, salads and sandwiches," the sign at the cash register says. And don’t forget the free wifi.

Source: Penny’s in Edina 

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