Chicken Guy is still slated to open on Level 3 North in the Mall of America. The concept is by the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-In and Dive’s Guy Fieri, along with restaurateur Robert Earl.

Red Wing’s Hanisch Bakery and Coffee Shop hosted its annual Presidential Cookie Poll via sugar cookies frosted in red for Trump and blue for Biden. The cookie poll, which is amazingly accurate, according to an article in City Pages, is based on the popular vote (Hillary Clinton won last year). At press-time the winner—of the cookie battle and election—wasn’t announced.

The headline in the Star Tribune read: “After 40 years and countless recipes, the Star Tribune’s Taste Editor says goodbye.” Lee Svitak Dean wrote her farewell and looked back on some of the highlights of her long, fruitful career in the Sept. 30 issue.

The Good news: Chef Justin Sutherland’s knife roll, a chef’s most valued possession, was stolen from his car back in September. Sutherland’s collection included family heirlooms, knives from his Japanese grandmother. In a time when we all need some good news, a child on a walk with her mother, found the knife roll where the robber most likely stashed them, under a bush. According to the Pioneer Press, the girl and her mother returned the knives to Sutherland, who told the duo they can eat free for life at his Handsome Hog restaurant in Cathedral Hill.

Bad news: Subway’s bread in Ireland is no longer exempt from a value-added tax, since Ireland’s Supreme Court ruled the bread contains too much sugar to be legally defined as bread. "There is no dispute that the bread supplied by Subway in its heated sandwiches has a sugar content of 10 percent of the weight of the flour included in the dough, and thus exceeds the 2 percent specified," the judgment read.

Travis Gienger of Anoka’s 2,350-pound pumpkin won the 47th annual Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off. With a payout of $7 per pound, Gienger took home $16,450. Had his pumpkin de-throned the Guinness World Record for heaviest pumpkin of 2,624.6 pounds, Gienger would have received $30,000.

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