Only 44 percent of people surveyed by the American Hotel and Lodging Association in late June, are planning leisure travel during the rest of 2020. Travel, which benefits restaurants as well as hotels, is down significantly from its pre-COVID-19 levels of 70 percent. Additional bad news for the lodging industry is that of the 44 percent who will travel, 43 percent say they will be staying with friends and family and just 39 percent in a hotel. Average trips lengths are being capped at four nights and most will be by car to attend some type of family event. Not surprising, the overwhelming majority of those who do travel will not be going on cruises. 


Kale Johnson, CEO and founding co-owner of 56 Brewing, has resigned after a controversy played out on social media in which a former employee accused him of a racist joke at the employee’s expense, according to City Pages. Johnson announced his decision to resign on Facebook, but did not address whether he planned to continue on as part owner. 


Linden Hills Farmers Market is offering an online shopping experience for its local vendors, where shoppers pick up their pre-ordered bounty on Sundays from 11 a.m. to noon. Along with fresh produce, sweets and sauces from small-batch producers, there are restaurant meal kits from Rainbow Chinese Restaurant and Hot Indian Food, plus pizza ingredients curated from several farms by Iron Shoe Farm and shredded chicken, pork and turkey from Divine Swine Catering. 


Craft distillery Brother Justus Whiskey  has signed a lease for a space in Northeast Minneapolis, in conjunction with First & First, which includes Lake Monster Brewing, Norseman Distillery and 612 Brew. The additional space will increase its production to almost 40,000 gallons of whiskey per year. 


Cub Foods opened a temporary market in a tent to replace the store that was damaged on East Lake Street in Minneapolis during the riots following George Floyd’s death. The tent is air-conditioned and includes fresh produce, meat, canned goods, cleaning supplies, frozen foods, dry goods, and an ATM and pharmacy, according to the Star Tribune. The original store site is expected to reopen by the end of the year. 

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