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May 2019

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Current Issue

Food on Demand Conference Highlights

Owning the customer is critical for restaurant operators as the delivery and mobile ordering business evolves, said Andrew Charles, senior analyst for Cowen & Company, in opening remarks at the Food On Demand Conference in Chicago April 1 and 2.

From the Editor: Beard House Dinner Showcases Local Camaraderie

Sure, the James Beard dinner at Eastside in mid-April had stylish, sophisticated food, but was it fun?

Server Speak: If You Could Only Pick One Ice Cream Flavor, What Would it Be?

If You Could Only Pick One Ice Cream Flavor, What Would it Be?

Around Town” It’s Never Boring at Butcher

Over the past seven years, Butcher and the Boar has been No. 1 for selling the most Knob Creek Single Barrel in the world, beating the sales of Disney World and MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Coffee Talk

International Dairy Queen, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway relocated its headquarters to 53,000 square feet in the Normandale Lakes Office Park, 8000 Normandale Blvd., Bloomington.

News Briefs: Awards and Social Responsibility

As part of its commitment to advance regenerative agriculture practices on one million acres of farmland by 2030, General Mills is partnering with organic and conventional farmers, suppliers and farm advisors in key growing regions to drive the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices.

St. Paul Roundup: City Passes Measures on Packaging

A quest for regulation that began in 1989 has finally ended in St. Paul.

Food On Demand: Not All Delivery Tales Are Rosy

For anyone tired of success stories and positivity comes the other shoe dropping—the troublesome experience in delivery by Gino’s East Pizza of Chicago and Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis, both iconic restaurants in their respective cities.

Institutional Dining: Kitchens in Demand for Cottage Food Producers

Libby Mehaffey, of Weeknight Kitchen, a home-delivery meal service, started her food business the way many people do—out of her home kitchen, and back then, illegally.

Star Chefs Prep Their Pigs for Cochon 555

The pork-tastic Cochon 555 is coming back to Minneapolis soon with some new additions.

Chef’s Dish: Pastry Chef Leah Henderson

It’s not every day that someone gets featured in our Chef’s Dish twice, but the affable Leah Henderson deserves to set the precedent.

Rose McGee Is Granted New Opportunity to Explore Racial, Social Divides

It took her seven attempts over the past 20 years, but Rose McGee has been named a 2019 Bush Fellow, a distinction and cash endowment that goes to just 24 leaders a year from an applicant pool of almost 700.

Industry Ink

Colyn Fernandez is a smiling presence at the bar inside Minnetonka’s The Copper Cow.

Applications for Powderhorn Park Event

The same organization that has attracted 20,000 art lovers to the Powderhorn Art Fair every summer for the past 28 years is gearing up for its newest artistic endeavor—the Powderhorn Culinary Arts Show

Restaurant Openings

Madison Restaurant Group, led by celebrated Chef Justin Sutherland, is moving out of state, opening Fire & Whiskey on South Knowles Avenue in Richmond, Wisconsin.

New & Noteworthy

Bindi Desserts has launched a new collection of gluten-free panna cotta, a traditional Italian dessert made of cooked sweetened cream, in three flavors: traditional, espresso and mango.

MRA Report: What’s Hot

Is Kale done yet? How about cauliflower? Bacon everywhere?

Commodities Report: Grains on Defense, Proteins Gain Traction

The commodity markets have been mixed during the last month with grains on the defensive and proteins finding support.

Buy the Numbers: New Food Hall at Rosedale May be the Future

Every so often, the restaurant industry comes up with a new kind of concept that’s not just an individual restaurant, but a new way of delivering food to customers using an existing space or a new innovative look.

Common Foodsense: How You Define Success Depends on Your Seat at Table

When I was a sprout, I once applied for a job at the Tadich Grill in San Francisco. I say “applied” deliberately; it was a San Francisco methodology—you walked in the back door at two in the afternoon and asked for the chef.

Hangin’ With Klecko: La Cucaracha’s Eddie Anleu

On the last morning I needed to scrape the windows of my breadmobile before heading off to work, I stared across the parking lot and Dale Street at the Cantina La Cucaracha. It occurred to me with the season changing their menu would too, so I probably should stop by after work and have one last fix of Nina’s Cactus Stew.

Ask the Experts: Attorneys from Monroe, Moxness, Berg on Craft Beer

We feel like there’s less space for a production brewery that concentrates on volume and distribution, because shelf space is limited (and competitive).

Faces + Places to Know: If It’s Spring, It Must Be Show Time

Spring is here and that means food shows spring into action.

ACF & Women Who Really Cook News

ACF Minneapolis Chapter

Events Calendar

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