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March 2019

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Current Issue

Drinking Trends From Cocktails to Mocktails

Arising tide of new ingredients and thinking has lifted all bars in the Twin Cities.

Opinion: How and Why to Strive for Brand-less Cocktail Menus

There are five major corporations that own most of the market share: Diageo, Pernod Ricard, Bacardi, Beam Suntory and Campari. It is illegal to buy menu placement, but here’s how you do it.

From the Editor: Cheers To Another Issue

The new crop of bartenders probably don’t remember the days when the only two nonalcoholic cocktails at the Amarillo Air Force Base officers club were a Shirley Temple and a Roy Rogers.

Server Speak: How Has Working Changed the Way You Dine Out?

How Has Working Changed the Way You Dine Out?

Around Town: Pork Winner and Dame It!

Chef Charles Plaetz, executive chef at Fielder’s Choice Tap and Table in Northfield, beat out 13 other chefs to win first place, chef par excellence honors, at the 31st annual Taste of Elegance pork culinary competition with his dish, “Ham” Loaf.

Coffee Talk

In Bloom won the judges’ hearts with its short rib hot dish at the second annual Winter Carnival Fancy Hotdish Competition.

WFF Change Maker's Big FSN Change

As the old saw goes: We have some good news and some bad news (for us).

Culinary Curiosities: The Salty History of the Potato Chip

Public Service Announcement for dedicated snackers: National Potato Chip Day is March 14.

Coffee Rehab and Tackling Addiction

Katy Armendariz thought she had put her past behind her.

How To Beat the Ticket Machine Dream

If you’re a chef or a line cook, most likely you’re familiar with this dream—or should we say nightmare.

Institutional Dining: The Future of School Lunch

Some years ago I got into trouble after writing a story about school lunch programs where I portrayed “lunch ladies” of an era gone by in a less-than-positive light.

It Takes a Kitchen to Raise a Chef

One of the sweeter moments of the recent Charlie Awards was Elk River ProStart instructor Monique Sabby presenting the award for Rising Star to one of her former students, Joshua Walbolt.

Restaurants Issues Are Mixed in With 1,500 Bills

School start dates, paid family leave and invasive species are among the wide range of issues Minnesota foodservice and hospitality businesses are following at the capitol.

St. Paul Roundup

A former café and bakery near Randolph and Snelling avenues has become Poke House and Tea Bar, offering a wide range of beverages and several options for poke.

New Products

New products promote a friendly environment.

New Briefs: For Whom 4Bells Tolled

Scott Pampuch joined 4 Bells as executive chef in February.

Restaurant Openings

The owners behind Eli’s Food & Cocktails have opened Beast Barbecue—with the clever tagline “Swine Dining & Smoked Eats”.

MRA Report: ProStart Program One of Several Initiatives Underway

It’s no surprise that food preparation and service jobs are among the Top 10 Occupations in Demand for employers, according to a recent report by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

Commodities Report

The commodity markets have mostly been sideways to firm during the last month, led by the grain complex.

Buy the Numbers: Ideas for Surviving Higher Wages

The increase in the minimum wage and, more importantly, the market, particularly in Minnesota, has driven up labor cost in all aspects of the restaurant business.

Common Foodsense: Write a Memoir or Open a Restaurant?

Two of the grand misconceptions about the human race are that everyone should write a memoir and that anyone can own a restaurant.

Hangin’ With Klecko: Mik German lands at Alary’s Bar

For the last three decades, I’ve gotten to work each day by using West 7th in St. Paul. Over the years I’ve eaten and drunk in every bar and restaurant on this route, from the airport to the Eastside.

Faces+ Places To Know: Outside of State Lines

Being a regional publication, it is not often that a trip out of state will connect me with an FSN advertiser.

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