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February 2017

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Current Issue

Rustica Owner Capitalizes on Cookies, Expands Brand With Spinoff at MOA

Rustica cookies, meet ice cream.

Labor Rules, Industry Taxes Top MRA Issues List

Ensuring uniform state labor standards in Minnesota and maintaining the principle of “one state—one rule” sit atop the Minnesota Restaurant Association legislative agenda.

Prepping the Next Wave of Hospitality Workers, ProStart Expands in MN

The labor shortage is affecting restaurants throughout the state, and in the Brainerd Lakes region where tourism is a key economic driver and Crow Wing and Cass counties have more than 180 resorts between them, it’s of particular concern.

Rustica Extends Its Brand Reach, Industry Reaches Out to High Schoolers

It seems I’m hearing more and more about the borrowing and lending of employees as a temporary solution to the labor shortage.

Server Speak: What’s Your 2017 Restaurant Resolution?

What’s Your 2017 Restaurant Resolution?

News and Noteworthy Around the Twin Cities

Gavin Kaysen’s second restaurant, Bellecour, will open this spring on Lake Street in Wayzata, in the former home of Blue Point Restaurant.

Industry Ink: Foodservice Style in Minneapolis

People who work in restaurants are like Catholic high schoolers; they’re always finding ways to personalize their uniforms.

Chef’s Dish: Matthew Brown of Estelle’s Eatery

For small town Harmony, Minnesota, farm-to-table is far from a buzzword.

Culinary Curiosities: The Frozen TV Dinner Still a Hot Option for Some

There are items that defy category, so wrapped up in nostalgia that they satisfy and dismay in nearly equal measure. I am talking about the frozen TV dinner.

Area Chefs Give Pork the Royal Treatment

As the kickoff to the Minnesota Pork Congress January 17-18, the Taste of Elegance puts pigs on the main stage as competing chefs are tasked with creating an original dish.

American Concepts in India Show Yankee Ingenuity

Trade missions are not for the tourist-minded. There is very little time built into the schedule for sightseeing or souvenir shopping.

Capitalize on Mobile Technology With a Strong App Experience

The importance of having a mobile app is not lost on restaurant execs, but there is always a gray area of what exactly a company should look for in results

MRA Report: Efforts Underway to Influence Minimum Wage Discussion

The prospect of a $15 minimum wage in Minneapolis has garnered significant media attention and has been a topic in this column several times.

Commodities Report: Don’t Expect Momentous Market Shifts

It’s a new year but it’s pretty much more of the same in the food and energy markets.

Buy the Numbers: McKinney Roe Makes Sizeable Investment in the Future

At first glance, the beautiful new McKinney Roe may not be a bean counter’s dream, but it has a lot going for it that doesn’t take a spreadsheet to uncover.

Common Foodsense: Build-your-own Is the New Food Norm

My argument for sugar is even more succinct: chocolate. Chocolate is necessary to the smooth functioning of the universe, and chocolate without sugar is lonely and bitter.

Hangin’ With Klecko: City Works Chef Talks ‘Elevated Sports Bar Business’

Over the last year I’ve stopped at City Works on several occasions to drink and dine with my friends, but it wasn’t until recently that I had an opportunity to go back and sit down with Eric Reichel and see how his first year at City Works went.

People to Know and Places to Go

While it didn’t start in the kitchen like most, weekend odd jobs in the late ’70s working for Bob Miller of Toby’s On The Lake, Oakdale, hooked Ryan Tonolli on restaurants.

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