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With New Fitzgerald’s Concept, the Bar Is the Star

With the Fitzgerald’s rebrand, Joe Kasel and Kevin Geisen do believe the restaurant will have long-term success, as does Carol March, president of Madison Hospitality Restaurant Group.

Acquisitions Help Bite Squad Expand to New Markets

With technology developed in-house, Bite Squad uses an algorithm that measures cooking time, how many orders are being placed, available drivers and even traffic flow to generate a precise arrival time.

Not Just for Drunk Gourmets, Taco Cat Pedals Good Food

Rather than compete with the sandwiches and pizzas of the world, however, the pair delivers tacos and burritos out of their storefront space, Taco Cat, in the Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis—rain or shine, snow or heat.

For Tonic Owner, Restaurant Is Her Version of the American Dream

One would think that an organic, made-from-scratch juice bar and restaurant would be just the tonic needed across the street from St. Mary’s Hospital, part of the world-renowned Mayo Clinic.

Dixie’s Owners Share Lessons in Longevity After 30 Years in the Business

Take it one customer at a time. That’s what the staff at Dixie’s on Grand has been doing for 30 years and it’s why the owners believe their restaurant will be around for another three decades.

At Gandhi Mahal, a Basement Garden Feeds a Village

Ruhel Islam has set up what he believes is the first restaurant in the U.S. to grow its food in a basement aquaponic garden.

Finding Employees in Today’s On-demand Economy

When Jeanne Graves came to Del Taco in February 2014 as vice president of human resources, her priority was, as she put it, “to bring HR into the 21st century.”

New Ways to Grow the Farmer-Chef Connection

“It doesn’t matter how good your products are, if you don’t have buyers, you’re done,” said Rodrigo Cala, who with brother Juan Carlos owns Cala Farms in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin where they grow certified organic vegetables.

Pizza Lucé Credits Authentic Staff in Its Continued Growth

It was an interview about jobs, not a job interview, but by the time I left Pizza Lucé’s downtown Minneapolis location, I wanted to work there.

Two Risks Keep No-tipping Policies a Tricky Prospect

When he first made big news by abolishing tips at his flagship restaurant, NYC restaurateur Danny Meyer said, “The American system of tipping is awkward for all parties involved.”

Casinos Bet On Dining to Draw New Gamers

Not wanting their slot machine seats and keno lounges empty for long, casinos kept their meal options limited to cheap steaks and vats of mashed potatoes, with people herded through rather than encouraged to linger and enjoy.

School Cafeterias Get a Farm-fresh Touch With Scratch Cooking

Smack-dab in the heart of Minnesota farm country, Waconia and its public schools have access to loads of local produce. But until a few years ago, not much of it appeared on students’ plates.
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