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Institutional Dining: Open Arms Meal Delivery

What began as a grassroots effort out of a single home providing meals to AIDS patients by any means necessary, has been extended to cancer, ALS, and M.S. patients, or any life-threatening illness diagnosed by a doctor.

Page 1 Brash, Flash, Cash at the Charlies

Ann Kim, co-founder of the wildly popular Young Joni, Pizzeria Lola and Hello Pizza, delivered the brashest line of the night when she accepted the Outstanding Restaurateur award at The Charlies 7th annual awards show on February 25.

Institutional Dining: Memory-Care Facilities

Wander into the restaurant at the ground level off the handsome condo building on handsome South 2nd Street in the heart of downtown Minneapolis’ Mill City, and aside from the concierge desk in the lobby there’s little to indicate you’ve arrived anywhere but a chic urban bar and restaurant.

Chef’s Dish: Pajarito Takes Mexican Cuisine to New Heights

Pajarito is not your neighborhood Mexican restaurant—and that's not a bad thing.

Stylin’ Charlies: JT Mega Shops for Photo

The key is to have more than one pomegranate or branch of longans at the ready. You never know when the “star” will start to wilt—or be rotten to the core—and you’ll need the understudy to quickly step in.

Cooking’s an Art at That Cooking School

I don’t know which excited my young reporter-in-training partner more: The purple stove (her favorite color) or being surrounded by other kids in front of canvases with the lightly penciled outline of a cow on them.

Meet the Charlies Finalists

Narrowing down the Twin Cities food and beverage talent to three finalists in nine categories proved to be much more difficult than finding a convenient parking spot near US Bank Stadium during the Super Bowl.

Don’t Go to Jail for the Dining Experience

Getting information on corrections kitchens is surprisingly difficult. If not shrouded in secrecy, the business of incarceration foodservice is certainly no bulwark of receptivity, either.

Wunderbar Eatery & Glampgrounds is wunderful

The restaurant’s name isn’t even on the building and only two of the teardrop-shaped campers and two yurt-style tents have staked their claim on the glampgrounds, and yet, the Wunderbar Eatery and Glampgrounds is already hosting parties.

Mall of America Chef Challenge; New openings

It was a little more stressful than being on TV’s "Chopped," because in addition to a live audience in front of them, chefs had to create delicious dishes for a panel of four judges, using MREs.

Chef Profile: Lunching With Lisa Sarazin

The last time I lunched with Lisa Sarazin, her last name was Hanson and she fixed me a decadent dish at the bar before returning to the kitchen to prepare for the dinner service. I was at her downtown Minneapolis restaurant, Mona Restaurant and Bar.

Seward Co-op Invites Tunde Wey to Address Race and Food

When Tunde Wey hosted a dinner for 700 at the Seward Community Co-op’s annual owner meeting in October, it wasn’t about the food, although he spent hours preparing Nigerian dishes for the members.
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