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Tips for Staying Safe While Using Public Transportation

As workers start to return to restaurants and offices, the empty buses and light rail cars will start to see more bodies boarding them. Here’s some advice from the Center of Disease Control on how to stay safe while traveling to and from your job.

Court Upholds Force Majeure Defense for Missed Rent

In a decision considered the first of its kind, a court held that government restrictions to combat the spread of COVID-19 “qualify as a force majeure event and represent a valid reason” for non-payment of rent and other contractual obligations, according to an alert by law firm Marks & Klein.

Dark Grocery Expands, May Stick After COVID

Dark kitchens and virtual restaurants continue to expand across the country, but as the pendulum of food spending swings back toward grocery, a similar model is expanding rapidly there as well. While a dark grocery store sounds like nightmare fuel out of a zombie movie or something, these new “microfulfillment” centers, as described in a recent Pitchbook report examining digital grocery operations, are expanding rapidly and attracting millions in investment.

How a Sandwich Maker and a Resort Town Are Handling COVID-19

There are 72 counties in Wisconsin and each governing body has the authority to make its own tweaks to the governor’s mandates on reopening the economy. Which wouldn’t be a big deal, unless like Cousins Subs, you have restaurants in a host of different counties and a few out of state. Or you're a resort town and have a clientele who expect rigid protocols in place.

Was Outdoor Dining the Panacea Restaurateurs Hoped For?

The pristine sky was clear from pesky clouds that block the sunshine, and the lake, dotted with boaters revved up on nautical social distancing, was sparkling. It felt good to be walking through a restaurant—even if it was off-limits—up the stairs and out onto the deck where we were seated at a hightop six-feet from the railing overlooking Lake Minnetonka. It was late afternoon on a Friday and parties waiting to be seated filled the lobby outside 6Smith, even though everyone had reservations.

Drive-in Music Is Just the Ticket for Summer Evenings

Restaurateurs have had to get creative to survive during the current pandemic. Crooners Supper Club in Fridley is hosting a summer Lakeside Drive-in Concert Series where music lovers can social distance in the comfort of their own automobile.

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Top Chefs

Caribbean Smokehouse — Stillwater

“It was truly an opportunity to finally open my own restaurant,” he said about Caribbean Smokehouse in Stillwater. “People ask why I didn’t do it 10 years ago. I wasn’t ready.”

Cafe and Bar Lurcat — Loring Park

Standing off to the side while Café and Bar Lurcat Executive Chef Jordan Swiler prepares to plate the Braised Lamb is a quick finale since the magic of braising the meat has already been done.

Angelina's Kitchen — Woodbury

Sundays in the Bronx were strictly for church and dinner at grandma’s house. And there were no excuses.

The Bachelor Farmer — Minneapolis

Instead of cringe-worthy clichés like lutefisk, cream-based casseroles or Jell-O-whatever-the-hell, The Bachelor Farmer’s new chef wants to know what’s good and edible from our own forests, fields and shorelines.

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