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Henke Foods Turns a Corner at Retailer Rose & Loon into a Treat

Michael Larson, marketing and sales executive for Henke Foods,

Michael Larson, marketing and sales executive for Henke Foods, the parent company of Annie B’s caramels and popcorn and B.T. McElrath chocolates, attended the Rose & Loon grand opening party as vendor. And while he didn’t help guests make caramels or popcorn as other vendors did with their products, he did have the makings for s’mores and free samples of candy.

Henke Foods developed this box for its caramels after they were chosen as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2014. You can fill the box at Rose & Loon in Rosedale Center. 

Henke Foods, owned by Justin Henke, was formerly named Twelveeleventwelve, the date of his son’s birthday. As Henke said in an article in Candy & Snack Today in 2017, when he added B.T. McElrath to the mix, he needed a brand name that could grow with the company (and be easier to type).

While the products can be found in other retail outlets, Rose & Loon, in Rosedale Center in Roseville, has the most shelf space to date. One of their fun additions, is a wooden box that can be filled with 36 individually wrapped caramels for $30. The box, Larson said, was created when Annie B’s handcrafted caramels were selected by Oprah (no last name needed) to be on of her favorite things in 2014 and the magazine staff wanted some sort of container to package them as a gift.

The caramels were originally made as a holiday gift for friends and family, plus a way that the original founders of Annie B's drew people to their booth at antique furniture shows,  Larson said. 

A new product coming online in time for the holidays, he added, is peppermint bark. 

Rose & Loon is a Minnesota-inspired retail concept where the "makers" of the products for sale in the store sign on to also spend some time in the store to make items with customers. For the night of the pre-opening (September 26), makers were on hand to help guests fill a tube with natural bath salts, construct an air fern mobile and attach a leather logo'd patch a tote. The event was publicized by Lola Red PR and catered by Crave Catering. 

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