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The Charlies Afterparty

Jametta Raspberry and her supporters were still celebrating her Rising Star award at Seven Steakhouse.

The Afterparty—aptly named because it’s after the awards show—is a chance to continue the show’s momentum by moving it to next door. It’s where the finalists have a chance to receive congratulations as well, and where the sponsors and attendees mingle with the stars they saw on stage and the sample a variety of great food. 

Pat Weber from Mise en Place organizes the event with US Foods providing all the ingredients for the food stations, and also manning one. 

This year a third ProStart team helped, Zimmerman Secondary & Rogers High School. Their menu—Beef Tenderloin Crostini with Whipped Goat Cheese and Pesto and Devils on Horseback—was created by Chef Chris Schmidt and instructor, Katie Thomas. Elk River returned with a delicious Butternut Squash Pancake with Smoked Bacon and Onion Confit and Black Pepper Maple Sauce (created by Chef Seth Bixby Daughterty and Monique Sabby), and Sauk Rapids-Rice served Butternut and Mushroom Gnocchi (created by Chef Frank Gort and Mary Levinski). 

Saint Paul College created Massaman Lamb Lollipop, Muhamara Stuffed Eggs and assorted dessert tarts. Students who both created and served the menu were Vernetta Owusu, Jenny Anderson, Hilda Vera, Kat Mogil, Kiera Joiner, Bubba Detviler, Ramona Awualt, Connor Norris, Julia Gesell and Tia Agate. 

Chef Blake Wangelin from the Charlies’ charity of choice, Open Arms, served Sesame Seared Tuna, Antonio Sanchez from Hennepin County Medical Center made sure Charlie’s Exceptionale’s potato salad was still memorable and Cookie Cart youth handed out their delicious logo’d cookies. Thank you to all!! 

Just a small number of the many volunteers
that made the Afterparty a success surround
Sue Zelickson, the co-founder of the Charlies
and its biggest supporter.

Dylan Ball, left, and TJ Ayumba from Elk River
High School were on stage for the entire hour and a half, handing out the Charlie Award plates to the winners.



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